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A message from Coach Visco:
Thank you to all who made our 3rd annual Alumni Golf Tourney a tremendous success! We had alum from 1990 through 2021.

The winners were...
1st place - our very own Matt Duenas 08, Brian Cimprich ( player's father), and brothers,  Aaron foster 90 and Jordan Foster 08
2nd place - Bryce Stevenson 09, Evan Wright 08, Henry Deery -Schmidt 13, and Sean Kennedy 13

Great time had by all!
Nice to see our community together. Thank you to all the parents, players, alum, and our HS team mom Cathy Lolley-Leaver, for a great day on the course!

Sago ( native greeting )Means I hope you are well

Bainbridge Lacrosse Board
Geno Knox
Zach Smith
Tom Fuhrman
Stacy Stevens
And the coaching staff

Thank you to our sponsors!

Bainbridge Boys Lacrosse

"SAGO is a greeting used to offer out the best parts of ourselves , to introduce oneself in a genuine way, from the heart - I am glad to see you well. We begin to establish a friendship, a bond, now we are ready to play the medicine game giving true power to the stick, always thankful that it has brought us together."

Dave Waterman, Oneida Nation- Haudenosaunee